Friday, April 18, 2014


yesterday I bought a set of the latest disney movie, Airplane which my son Barra love it beside the out number of Thomas n friend and dozen of hotwheels cars messing around in the house...and came out an idea to make the carrier so we can play together..just in the morning I found some A3 5mm cardboard and use box of milk, the A3 can be use for deck, and box for hangar so after play we can keep the gang we go again...

fit out

finish with blue spray paint

 add extra part for reinforcement

the island

download here

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Low Altitude Recon Vehicle 1:20

just trying to make a simple flying vehicle, maybe add some pilot on it..well let see about that


my wife's sketch for the pilot figure


Friday, January 3, 2014

Type 99 Labor Carrier 1:35

Unit type: Police Labor Carrier
Manufacturer: Yotsubishi Heavy Industries
Length: 18.18 metres
Width: 5.45 metres
Weight: 13.52 tons (curb)
Maximum Load: 12.00 tons
Power plant: V16; 12,000cc; Turbo + SC; water cooled
Output: 450PS @1,500 rpm (Hp); 95Kg/m @800 rpm (torque)
Top Speed: 100km/h (empty) / 80Km/h (loaded)
Appearances in anime: Patlabor the movie; TV Series; New OVA Series 


since I can't found the 3view or some detail about the truck, must a lil improvised and combine with real truck anatomy like TATRA, mitsubishi fuso, military truck, etc.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Horten Ho II 978 (flying wing concept) 1:100

it's been almost nine month since my last update, well 2013 wasn't my year for papercraft beside I've just lost all my data on my pocket drive, which include all of my papercraft model... f**k yeah.Since that, day by day it's very hard for me to maintain the mood for designing papermodel.But just before the new year,  suddenly no idea what kind of devil cross on me, sat on my laptop and making some interesting aircraft, and again (hope you all not bored) came to be a nazi scifi concept.A long range bomber with jet and radio guide bomb.Ok here we go...there's a first time for everything

testbuild time :p
canopy assembly

canopy assembly

wheel assembly
main body assembly
henschel Hs 293 and engine assembly

fit out

donwload here